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OILS, LUBRICANTS Angus- Dow Chemical, Ashland Chemical, Chevron Philips, Continental, Dow & Ingal, General Chemicals, Hampshire Chemical (Dow Chemical), Harris Chemical, Hatco, Huntsman, Inolex, Mays Captree, Metro Pride, Penreco, Phillips Rockley, Protameen, Ruger Chemical, S & S chemical Co., Union Carbide- Indep. Chemical.


Strahl & Pitsch
The world's finest natural waxes since 1904
Unsurpassed quality, service and dependability
L.O. TRADING is the exclusive distributor for Colombia, Venezuela and Peru, Authorized distributor for Central and South America.
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Calumet, Franks B Ross Co. Inc., Witco Corp., Walnut Hill, Bareco, Charles B. Chrystal, Cerestar, R.W. Greef & Co., Hansotech.


ENAMELS Tevco, Decorative Industries, Kirker.

EXTRACTS Active International, Active Organic, Advanced Ceramics, Agrashell Inc, Ajinomoto, Alban Muller, American Distilling, American Lecithin Co., Arch Personal Care, Atrium Biotechnologies, Barnet, Beacon CMP Corp., Berje, Bio Chemicals, Bio-Biotanica, Biosil technologies, Brooks, Caribbean Aloe Vera, Carrubba, Cash chem, Coletica, Collaborative Lab., Creations Aromatique, Desert Whale Jojoba, Earth Supplied products, Exsymol, Extracts Plus, Floratech, Grain Processing, Honey Tree Inc., Indena, Indena Milan, International Sourcing, Kibun Food Chemifa Co., Larex, Lipo, Lucas Meyer, Madera, Meer Frutarom, National Starch & Chemical, Newtown Foods, Norquay Technologies Inc., NutraSweet Co., Phoenix Chemicals, Phyton, PMC Specialties, Premier Specialties Inc, Presperce, Purcell Jojoba Int., Pure World Botanics, R.I.T.A Corp.

FRAGRANCES Quest, International Flavors and Fragances (I.F.F.), Robertet Fragances, Givaudan, Firmenish, H&R Florasynth, Symrise, Dragocco, Carrubba, Mane, Fragances Resources, Wessel Fragrances Inc., Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Ungerer, Drom, Fragrance Oils Intl., BBA, Robeco, Berje, Chicago Sweeteners, Givaudan-Roure, Noville, QCI/ Chemfirst Fine Chemical, Shaw Mudge, U.O.P., Wessel Fragrances Inc.

STARCHES Agrashell Inc., Grain Processing, kobo Products, Midwest Grain, National Starch & Chemical, PMC Specialties, Resource of Nature, Rhodia (Rhone Poulenc), Rita Corporation, Strahl & Pitsch, Sunlight Foods, Tri - K., Trivent Chemical Co., Vegetech.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Roche, Allied Colloids, Allied Signal, BASF, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH, Cosmetochem USA, Eastman Chemical, Gattefossé, Gehring Montgomery, Loba Feinchemie AG, Mallinckrodt Inc., Pharma Waldhof, Seltzer, SiberHegner North America, Vitamins Inc., Wilke International, Zenitech.

LANOLINES - EMULSIFIERS Croda Inc., Lonza, Alzo, Amerchol, Dow Chemical, Bernel, Biosil (Dow Chemical), Callahan, Cardre, Charkit, Chemron, Ciba, Cognis, Condea Vista, Creative Chemicals, Degussa-Huls, Elementis, Finetex, Goldschmidt, Hatco, Henkel, Hercules, Heterene, I.S.P International Specialty Products, Jungbunzlauer, Lipo, Majemac, McIntyre, Nipa Labs, Ondeo Nalco, Phoenix, Protameen, Reheis, Rheox, Rhodia (Rhone Poulenc), R.I.T.A Corp., Honey Well, Penreco, Scher Chemicals, Sederma, Seppic Inc., Stepan, Summit Research, Tic Gum.

LITHOTHAMNIUM CALCAREUM Lithothamnium Calcareum is a species of fossilized seaweed, which gives it a special feature of Bio Mineral, which has a high content of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements such as iron, boron, nickel, copper, zinc, molybdenum, Selenium and strontium. The Lithothamnium have several commercial applications among which stand out:
• Animal Nutrition: Because this is a product of vegetal origin, allows calcium to be better absorbed by improving the alkalinity of the stomach; Allowing a better digestion, therefore, a higher percentage of solids in milk
• Farming
• Water Purification
• Cosmetic Industry
• Among others


Ironics Inc.
Iron Oxide Since 1974.
L.O. TRADING is the exclusive Export Distributor for IRONICS INC.
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PIGMENTS AND COLORANTS Lcw, Warner Jenkinson, Sun Chemical, Cardre, Elementis, Color Techniques, Us cosmetics, Rona - Merck, Engelhard (Mearl), Noveon Hilton Davis, Presperce, Clark Colors Inc., Decorative Color & Chemical, Eckard America, Induchem, Montana, Obron Atlantic, U.S. Cosmetics.

POLYMERS Advanced Polymer Systems, Air Gas, Amcol Health & Beauty, Aqualon, Celanese, Specialty Polymers (Equistar), Clariant, Eastech, Enhanced Derm Technology (HBS), Interpolymer Corp., New Phase Technology, U.S. Cosmetics.

SILICONES Shin-Etsu Silicones of America Inc., Dow Corning, General Electric, Jeen Silicones.

TALCS AND CLAYS Mineral and Pigments, Whittaker Clark and Danields, Mineral Technoligies, Color Techniques, Cosmetic Specialties, Baker Petrolite, Arizona Chemical, Akzo Nobel, Honey Well, J Mazzaca Corp., Ultra Talcs Inc, Albermale, Arrow, Barrington Chemical, Breentag, Eastech, H.M. Royal, Inter-Cal, Kobo Products, Mays Captree, MinTech, Olin (Arch Chemical), R.T. Hall Star, R.T. Vanderbilt Co. Inc., Strauch Chemical Dis., U.S. Cosmetics, - Cosmetic Rheologies, Monsanto, Witco, Uniquema.

OTHERS 3M, 3-V Chemical, Abitec, Aceto, Acme Hardesty, Aetna, Air Gas, Ajinomoto, Apperson Chemicals Inc., Armour Dial, B.F.Goodrich Personal Care, Bruchem, C.P. Hall, Cary Co., Center Chem Inc., Changchum Dacheng Corn, Charles Bowman, Chugai Boyeki, Cometochem USA (Scheer), Creanova, DH Litter, Eastman Organic Chem, Emil Flachsmann AG., Essential, Fanning Corp., Ferro Tech Resources, Flex Products Inc., FMC Industrial Chemical, Fuji Chemical, Glitterex Corp., Grant Industries, H. Kohnstamm & Company Inc., Hallcrest, Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Iwase Cosfa Co., J. Drasner, Jarchem, JD Walsh, Kaneda, Kawaken Fine Chem. Co., Kemin Personal Care, Koster Keunen, Kramer, Laboratories Serobiologiques, Lambent Technologies, Larex, Lucta, Mallinckrodt Baker (Doc & Ingalls), Marubeni specialty Chem., Meadowbrook Inventions, MG Scientific, Miljac, Miyoshi Kasei Inc., MMP International, Mona, Morflex, Negase Chemtex Corp., Traxx, Trend Cosmetics, Universal Preserv A Chem., Velsicol, Vernin, Waverly Chemical Co.


Note: All of the brands listed are registered by their owners respectively.


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