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Connecting Asia to the Rest of the World!


With Asian branch located in Shanghai, L.O. Trading Corporation can be your perfect ally to source all kinds of Industrial Products and Raw Materials.


Sourcing from China

The best way to increase your Business with China is to be there. Physical presence is recommended for verification of suppliers and orders. This is what L.O. TRADING does for its customers; L.O. TRADING is an extension of your office in China.


If you are in China

Through our strategic locations around the globe, we have access to any country in North America, South America and Europe to operate on behalf of your company in order to make more efficient and safe purchases.


CN L.O. Trading Limited is your Business partner in:
• Market research; locate and purchase raw materials, equipment and machinery at competitive prices.
• Identification of reliable suppliers and customers.
• Quality inspections and audits.
• Logistics assistance to find the best routes and the most competitive prices.



Lotrading China

CN L.O. Trading Limited





Building long lasting mutually beneficial commercial relationships