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At L.O. TRADING we combine organizational and geographic factors to offer you a special combination of services.



We have a select group of professionals in engineering and international businesses, with vast experience in their fields, that take care of your needs. Our offices and warehouses, properly furnished with all the appropriate elements for a safe and efficient handling of your cargo, are strategically located in an industrial area, close to the main access roads of the city a few miles from Miami Airport, Miami Port with immediate access to the main road to Port Everglades.


Company owned 48,000 sq ft warehouses with capacity for 4500 pallets in rack storage and 15 dock height loading doors.


In house developed software with the required flexibility and reliability to meet the needs of each customer and comply with the rules and regulations of each country of destination.


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Combination of Services
At L.O. TRADING, we offer an exciting and unique combination of services as the result of satisfying our Clients needs and fulfilling their requirements since October 1993.


Our Promise
All of our business processes contribute to building and maintaining mutually beneficial, long lasting relationships.


The Industrial Purchases Department sources and procures any desired spare part, consumable or general supply for our Clients.

At The Raw Materials Department does everything related to negotiating, planning, and order processing of raw materials.

The Logistic Operations Department perfectly completes the supply chain for our Clients; it takes care of all the activities related to the transportation and storage of the goods.

The Inland Freight Department provides transportation services all throughout North America, with the best trucking companies and outstanding service.


An Extension of your purchasing department
More than a service provider, over time, we have become a commercial ally for our Clients. We act as an extension of their purchasing and importation department; saving time and money, expediting their logistic processes and guaranteeing a timely and reliable service.


Added Values
Our services are supported by added Values, some may not be noticeably visible in the day to day operation, but they are certainly appreciated by our Clients:



Building long lasting mutually beneficial commercial relationships